Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Staying out of the spot light

This years MVP summit is somewhat different than the ones before, one of the key differences is that the first day is set up for Open Spaces. All MVPs are asked to submit sessions, and a few are picked out to do Open Spaces. Since I am doing so many sessions on other conferences this year, I decided not to submit anything.

My plan was to just enjoy the summit, without getting in the spot light. In the opening keynote we where informed that one of the MVP's, Toni Savage, couldn't come to the summit. This lead to an Open Space called "Project Management From Beginning To End" to not have a host. "Would anyone like to host this session" was the question from the stage. Again, I thought to my self, "I will not seek the spot light, I will only enjoy this as a participant".

Two hours later I was hosting the session.

Luckily the participants where really great and we got some very good discussions. After the session I continued the discussion with some of the participants and I actually manged to explain and get real understanding of the value of storypoints in less than five minutes.

Anyone that can top that?

I am now going to enjoy the rest of the summit, without getting into the spot light. I promise.

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Mads said...

Hope you reconsider this one Jan Erik, you know we all love to see you in the spot_light:)