Friday, April 11, 2008

Next Week: MVP Summit (Seattle)

I am going to the MVP Summit for the forth time next week, and this time I am more excited than ever. After almost a year of few important releases (not betas or CTPS, real stuff that we can use in 100 Million Dollars projects) to us developers, Microsoft now has many cool things in the pipeline or just released. Hopefully we will do a real deepdive into technologies like Silverlight and get clear answers of what we can expect the next years. Another development I have been following is the Team System, which might be good news for us that are running really large scale Agile projects. Specifically I hope they have even better stories when it comes to ECI.

I am also looking towards meeting my fellow MVP's, most of us only meet at the Summit,PDC's or Teched's.
(Sorry about the spelling in this post, my spellcheck has died for some reason...)

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